Bruno Mars Was on Charlie Rose?

There he is. Bruno Mars. On Charlie Rose.
There he is. Bruno Mars. On Charlie Rose.

The news cycle now is such that little things that would’ve been slightly bigger things are buried while larger, more terrifying things dominate. I’m not necessarily saying that this Bruno Mars appearance on Charlie Rose from Monday would’ve made a larger blip, but given everything else that happened, maybe it would have?


Here’s Mr. Mars and his friends, sitting at what appears to be the snack table in the church basement, giving you a cute, acoustic, table-thumping version of his body-rolling new classic, “That’s What I Like.”

Rose and Mars also talked about stuff, like the album, the SuperBowl and Versace, but that feels less important than the performance itself. Why is Bruno’s backpack on this whole time? Most importantly, where is Charlie Rose? I like to imagine that Mars and Co. are doing this intimate performance of a song about eating lobster tails and drinking strawberry champagne for Charlie’s eyes only—he sits just out of frame, nodding thoughtfully, furrowing his brow when Mars and his singers hit that line about sex by the fire at night with a little something extra.

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I realize this is a small point, but as a professional musician, it’s galling that the general public just throws the word “acoustic” around. It has a specific meeting - no electric amplification of the instrument itself. Here, there is a guitar and a bass both being heard through electric amplification, plus the whole electric keyboard. Hence, it’s not an acoustic performance. An acoustic performance of this song absolutely could have taken place, but it would have featured an actual piano, an acoustic guitar mic’ed, not amplified, and an upright bass.