Calvin Klein Unveils Preview of Its First Raf Simons Collection

On Sunday, Calvin Klein revealed, with little fanfare, 14 new styles designed by former Dior creative director Raf Simons. The fashion house hired Simons to design its Calvin Klein by Appointment line in August, but has been curiously shy about publicizing the partnership in the lead-up to its release.


Images of the collection published on Instagram and on the Calvin Klein’s website Sunday were accompanied by minimal text describing the project. What we do know is that pieces will be tailor-made and “celebrate American women and American fashion.” I guess that is supposed to explain this:

I’m sensing an appeal to young (as an grade school-aged) consumers, given this velvet mashup between a prep school uniform and a cheerleading outfit, as well as Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown’s guest appearance among the models, her outfit subtly reminiscent of high school marching band wear.

The rest of the collection has a more grown-up vibe, with echoes of the uniform silhouette throughout. And feathers, lots of feathers.

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This collection is...not pretty. I literally cannot think of a single person on whom this would be flattering, including this model.