Can Fenty Beauty Turn Us Into Rihanna?

When Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty collection on September 8, swarms of obsessive navy members fell in line and purchased one or several dozen of her makeup offerings, which includes a range of foundation shades, a contouring and concealing stick and a universal lip gloss known as a luminizer. Since we at Jezebel are masochists, we decided to try the products on our blogger faces in the hopes that we might magically transform into Rihanna. Didn’t work!


We’re not stunning global superstars (yet) and we’re also not beauty vloggers, so one or more of us may or may not have struggled with, for example, how to use the Killawatt highlighter, despite having watched millions of YouTube tutorials over a lifetime. The outcome of our trial is this video, which features myself, fellow senior writer Madeleine Davies, and social editor Ecleen Caraballo.

We lightly attempted three Rihanna beauty looks and maybe partially nailed them—“I’ll walk out of here looking like a My Little Pony, but I’m okay with that,” said Madeleine. We all loved the Unicorn stick and agreed that the intimidating Trophy Wife highlighter, while intense, produces show-stopping effects. Watch us be beauty babies above.


Video: Producer, Phoebe Bradford; Editor, Anders Kapur

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Betty Slocombe

I spent a ridiculous sum of money on Fenty Beauty stuff at Sephora recently and I will never look as glorious as Rihanna, but I look damn good.

I just wish I could pull off Trophy Wife. But even the sales women at Sephora were like “nope, sorry, that is not you”. Ghostly pale white chicks do not do glimmery gold highlighters I guess.