God, Tom Cruise sucks. Now that thatā€™s out of the way, Iā€™d like to share with you this wonderful video of him jumping out of an airplane at 25,000 feet for Mission: Impossibleā€”100.Ā 

Just kidding, itā€™s called Mission: Impossibleā€”Fallout. Anyway, Tom Cruise doesnā€™t open his parachute until he has almost hit the ground. He almost dies in front of our very eyes! Ploof! Thatā€™s what it would have sounded like if Tom Cruise had accidentally died!

According to People, Cruise was, in fact, the first actor ever to perform the HALO (ā€œhigh altitude low openā€) jump stunt on camera. Incredible, what a guy. Here he is, doing it. For the love of...something:

Dang. Where did Tom Cruise get that picture of me getting ready to blog about politics?