Cardi B, Queen of Love & Hip-Hop, Explains How to Land a Winter Boo

When Love & Hip-Hop star Cardi B breezed into the Jezebel offices on Wednesday, you could tell an angel had just entered the premises. While Cardi frequently finds herself caught in a trifling love triangle between cast mate DJ Self and his girlfriend on the show, Yorma, she’s at the core a self-described relationship type (Cardi’s real boyfriend is currently serving time in prison) with a romantic spirit.

Can she help a man on a mission to land a winter boo? Jezebel recruited Deadspin staff writer Samer Kalaf—or, as Cardi B describes him, “a nice white light skinned guy with green eyes and long eyelashes” (Note: Samer is not white)—to get tips from Cardi about how to conquer cuffing season and the dreaded winter lockdown.


“If you want a fling, you just gotta go to a place that people relate to you,” she advises. “For example, the type of man I like, I’m most likely gonna find him in the strip club. You might like a girl that likes to go to the library, so you could just go the library.”

Watch this sage advice and more in the video above.

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