"Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen would really, really like you to listen to her new single "I Really Like You." This sugary pop cut is just begging for a chick flick movie montage placement as some wide-eyed girl flounces down an immaculately slicked down version of Manhattan's East Village.


Jepsen wrote "I Really Like You" with J. Kash and Peter Svensson, the latter is the man behind my favorite Cardigans' song from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, "LoveFool," who served as writer and producer on the track.

And according to Interscope Records, Tom Hanks is in the forthcoming video for this song along with Carly's bad boy label mate Kate McKinnon, er, Justin Bieber. I'm guessing there's a You've Got Mail theme featuring spring in New York? Don't pretend it's sunny here Carly, I genuinely don't think I could take it.


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Lovefool is fine but Cardigans fans, what are your favorite Cardigans songs? My contribution is The Great Divide.