Celebrate Rob Pattinson's Return to Film With This SICKENING Edward Cullen Makeup Tutorial

Great news for all my Twihards who wake up every day clinging to the hope that Edward Cullen, the most devilishly handsome brooding man aLIVE, will return to the silver screen: the Twilight franchise could come back! Much like Edward Cullen, upon hearing this news, I’m (un)dead!!

According to my personal bible Cosmopolitan, there’s a chance that the franchise could continue to infinity and beyond, but only with the blessing of Stephanie Meyer. This isn’t the only reason my angel vampire baby R. Pattz is in the news, though. He’s starring in the indie drama Good Time, a movie that you maybe haven’t heard much about except the fact that he made a joke about jerking off a dog that got a lot of people upset. He’s also the subject of a stunning GQ profile in which we learn that he was hounded relentlessly by flashbulbs and paparazzi, both of which made him MISERABLE.



Edward Cullen is obviously really, really hot, but what you also might not realize is that his Signature Lewk is also really, really on trend. That! Burgundy! Liner! That flushed lip—is it Glossier Generation G or is it eons of being undead?? The powder-white complexion that sparkles in the sunlight instead of sizzling and melting into a mess of vampflesh? Let me tell you—that face is BEAT! How better to honor Edward Cullen’s potential return than with a stunning makeup tutorial to help you achieve that ghostly, ghoulish, vampiric pallor?!

Follow our dead-simple tutorial and get ready to slay. You’re a vampire, you beautiful, undead thing. Now take that face and seize the day!

Video by Jennifer Perry and Phoebe Bradford

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Blueberry Jones


Also like... HIGHLIGHTER: A little goes a long way, people. You look like the guy painted silver who hangs out in Times Square (used to hang out in TS? I avoid that place like the plague) or Jill Masterson after Oddjob paints her gold. CHILL.