Charli XCX Is Dropping a New Mixtape and Also, Look at This Styling!

Image via Charli XCX
Image via Charli XCX

Worldwide pop princess Charli XCX is dropping a new mixtape this week entitled Number 1 Angel, a long-awaited follow-up to her effervescent last single, “Vroom Vroom.” As Stereogum points out, one of the new tracks is an irresistible little number called “Lip Gloss” that’s already lodged in my head—MMHMM! I KEEP IT STICKY ICKY LIKE LIP! GLOSS!—and sets the stage for an exuberant summer, ideally one with lots of warehouse sweating and looking cute.


In anticipation of that and in honor of exactly that, let us pray to the excellent styling that went into her mixtape cover!

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Two crimson puffy jackets and (Dior?) pumps that look like unfurled lipstick tubes is the most, particularly because monochrome will never go out of style—and also, conveniently, it’s the color of the International Women’s Strike! Two for two. See also: Givenchy Fall 2017, which pays homage to Riccardo Tisci’s best looks (ugh, I still want the pant boots from A/W 2012) and sets the stage for another chapter. Power moves.

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I’ve only heard parts of songs she sings like Fancy and Boom Clap(???? Is that what it’s called?) I really don’t get her and don’t think she has a particularly good voice. Can someone explain her to me?