Chelsea Peretti to Play a Woman Scorned in Comedy Feature Spinster

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Sea Green Pictures Inc. announced on Tuesday that Chelsea Peretti will star in an upcoming comedy film called Spinster, directed by Andrea Dorfman.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peretti will portray a woman named Gaby who “after being unceremoniously dumped on her 39th birthday faces her fear of becoming a pathetic, lonely spinster.” Golly when you put it like that it just sounds so fun. 

The Canadian indie will be shot in Nova Scotia and produced by Mark Tetreault, William Woods, Jay Dahl, and Bill Niven. The screenplay is by Jennifer Deyell. Tetreault said in a statement on Tuesday, “We’re happy to have Chelsea on board, her energy and wit will make the main character someone you want to root for.” Honestly this movie doesn’t even need to give me a reason to root for her, you had me at “unceremoniously dumped.”

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Curious Squid

Anyone want to place an early bet on whether the movie will end with Gaby (a) single but okay with it or (b) happily paired up or that thing where she’s not exactly paired up but it’s heavily implied that she soon will be?