Chicago's Jamila Woods Debuts Freedom Fighter Anthem 'blk girl soldier'

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Jamila Woods, the Chicago singer who shone on Chance the Rapper’s “Sunday Candy,” potentially the greatest song ever, has signed a record deal and dropped her first single, “blk girl soldier.”


Woods signed with the independent Chicago label, Closed Sessions, Billboard reports. On the first single from her upcoming album to be dropped sometime in the spring, Woods muses over an energetic Jus Cuz beat: She’s telepathic/Call it black girl magic/Yeah she scares the government.

She also name drops black girl “freedom fighters,” including Rosa Parks, Assata Shakur and Audre Lorde. Woods explained to Billboard that she was inspired by a protest chants and how they were used during the Civil Rights movement.

“I’m interested in figuring out what freedom songs would sound like in 2016. My hope is that ‘blk girl soldier’ is a freedom song for black women today who are fighting the macro and microagressions of daily life in our city/country/world.”


Listen to “blk girl soldier” below and try to wait patiently with me for her full album.

It’s also worth revisiting “Sunday Candy” because it’s just so damn good.

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I really enjoyed Sunday Candy