Chill, These 'New' Kanye West Songs Aren't New

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The internet is losing its collective shit over two “new” Kanye West songs that materialized on Soundcloud; the only problem is the cuts are most likely leftovers from his 808s & Heartbreak album. Do people pretend to be Kanye fans the way they feign knowledge of fake bands during Jimmy Kimmel skits?

It’s been quite some time since West announced his forthcoming So Help Me God/Swish/Whatever His Next Album Is Called and performed his single “All Day” at the 2015 Mobo Awards (where Madonna fell, never forget) but we don’t have to rehash antique songs from West’s saddest work to-date. (Well, the “Bound 2” video from Yeezus should be added to that list but that’s another blog post.)

Regardless, everyone must calm down.

Noisey reposted Travis $cott’s Instagram update of these “new” West songs but let us be clear, 808s & Heartbreak was released in 2008.


“Say You Will” was a single (a song that radio stations played in their rotation even!) from the aforementioned album so a remix is nice but nothing to shout about.

“When I See It,” apart from harkening UGK’s “Let Me See It,” sounds like a filler track that didn’t make the 808s final track list and shouldn’t have. In reality, it’s an alternate version of The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends,” produced by West. Sounds about right.


In short, these songs are not new nor should be fodder for any excitement. Please return to your regularly scheduled befuddlement at or annoyance with Kanye because he’s barely released any new music that isn’t production on someone else’s album like A$AP Rocky’s.


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