Christina Aguilera Performed a Country Song on Nashville and It Rules

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Well, ABC’s Nashville limps on, and though the show’s paternity-obsessed sad-sack plotting leaves quite a bit to be desired, this season has nonetheless had its highlights: namely, Hayden Panettiere having a baby (named Cadence) and panicking at the prospect of maternal identity, Luke from the OC finally getting to explore his ~sexuality~, and Christina Aguilera’s guest spot as “Jade St. John,” a veteran pop star looking to break into country.


In Wednesday’s episode, she tests her abilities at the Bluebird Cafe, the show’s CBGB/Central Perk/Bait Shop, and the song she did, called “Shotgun,” is beautiful—a classically structured, red-white-and-bluegrass lullaby ballad, with Xtina’s country inflection all in.


The week prior, she also did a song called “The Real Thing,” pinning her character with a sort of Kelly Clarkson/Elvira/Carrie Underwood-via-Stevie Nicks vibe.

And—she performed with Rascal Flatts at the ACM awards over the weekend. Not mad at this brief little turn Christina Aguilera’s taken at all.

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Beautiful.... that wig though, that’s unfortunate.