Chvrches' 'Leave a Trace' Is Smoke and Mirrors with an '80s Twist

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Chvrches has released the video for “Leave a Trace,” the second single from their upcoming album, Every Open Eye (out September 25).


Like with “Never Ending Circles,” released last week, “Leave a Trace” feels heavily inspired by the new wave, electronic and art pop movements of the 1980s. There’s heavy synth and a grimy undercurrent that to the new song that coveys a satisfying and rich darkness (whereas “Never Ending Circles”—satisfying in its own way—felt more whimsical and Kate Bush-esque).


The “Leave a Trace” video is equally dark and saturated, portraying the band standing on water and surrounded by light filtered through smoke (a very popular and alluring motif these days). The ‘80s vibe is present here, too—thanks largely to singer Lauren Mayberry’s slamming New Romantics/Annie Lennox-inspired styling.

Now, if you’ll excuse, me, Mayberry—who calls this song “a middle finger mic drop about not being told what to do”—has inspired me to melodically chirp-sing my fuck yous to the world while drifting in a pool of highly reflective water in my best chain mail shirt.

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Bobby Finger

Maddie you’ve worn that chain mail shirt like six times this month.