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Cindy Sherman—the photographer and artist known for pretending to be people she’s not long before everyone on the Internet started doing that—is a real weirdo. Over the course of her nearly 40-year career photographing herself as clowns, aging socialites, and old-school film stars, she’s been a master at transforming herself into characters.

So while I know Cindy Sherman is brilliant, I don’t really know much about her as a person. The real her without all the wigs. That is, until, she made her Instagram public for the first time this week and that’s when I learned who the real Cindy is. This is everything I learned about her from her ‘gram.

Her original handle was “misterfriedas_mom” a reference to the fact that she is an adoring single mom to her pet parrot named Mister Frieda.

He seems like a well-adjusted young man.

Just like the rest of us, she facetunes her photos. Ya know, for a little blemish-covering here and there.



This bitch is around chickens, like, all the time.


SHE HAS SO MANY CHICKENS! And she even keeps a camera on them apparently at all times.

She regularly hangs out with noted French ice queens Isabelle Huppert and Catherine Deneuve.


I feel like they definitely run through Paris in the night egging houses and slashing tires, non?

Even though she is a world-renowned, groundbreaking feminist photographer, she is not immune to taking basic-ass photos of a snowfall.


One commenter wrote: unreal!

And she also photographs her food.


But there’s definitely a filter on this, right?

This is an example of a totally normal Christmas card she sent once.


It honestly seems like she lives a beautiful life in the city and country where she is often around a wide variety of animals including these horses named Teddy and Smokey.

And she looks like this:


Does it make you feel weird? It kind of makes me feel weird.