Dangerous baby Ariana Grande is trying super hard to be a sexy infant in the video for “Dangerous Woman.”

Grande lets her hair down for once—teasing, writhing like a snake, touching herself and glancing seductively into the camera with assorted O faces. Are you looking? You know you want to...but ugh, not at a baby!


Here, still, Ariana is battling a youthful inner something that negates any attempt to be grown and sensual on a flirty, bad-girl song.

Following similarly sex-driven singles like her Weeknd duet “Love Me Harder,” Ariana continues this theme of embracing and ultimately unleashing a desire for dirtiness, by:

...Wearing a bustier/garter belt.

...Being enticing.

...Feeling all the ecstasy.

...Giving her best “you want it?” face.

...Showing her baby tush.

...And her baby O face.

Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.