Definitely Steal These JW Anderson Looks From the Men's Section

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As a designer, JW Anderson has always leaned unisex, even before chopping down gender bounds was more recently common. But for his Spring 2016 menswear line, shown this week at men’s fashion week in London, he’s further obliterated gender constructs and made a full collection of garments I am going to “borrow” from the closets of my more well-heeled gentlemen friends.


Look at these pants! The gathered waists, the way the cropped hem is perfectly flared! Look at that gathered blouson, the roll-neck knit sweater, the sheer feathered tank! Even the shoes, reminiscent of 17th Century noblemen, are fully coppable, though I doubt any of my aforementioned gentlemen friends wear my shoe size! Which is why I’m going to straight up rack the mens section of Barneys when this season arrives! If you work at Barneys and are reading this, not really!

(Can I also say, I am still mad at myself from three years ago, when I was at Topshop in London and almost copped some of this but didn’t because I am dumb.)

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Because JW Anderson is great, this line is also echoed in his recent women’s Resort 2016 collection, particularly with the structure of the pieces, the CCCP-reminiscent NEWS theme, and the flagrant, unapologetic, and delightful ‘80s tip he’s been on since showing his Fall 2015 women’s collection. I would offer styling notes but anyone of any gender could legit rock these looks verbatim from the runway—strange little metal frame-accessories in hand—and look fantastic.

To get in the mood, here’s the Fall Women’s show, appropriately set to “Seconds” by the Human League.

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I would love to wear sheer shirts more ever. I feel like there are specific art parties where people would be like oooo shirt THEN boobs like in Crocodile Dundee