Dej Loaf Is Smooth and Wise In New Trio of Videos and, Also, Trusts No One

Dej Loaf released three videos today (for songs from her April mixtape All Jokes Aside), all of which have a common narrative about persistence through shady people and obstacles she’s faced.


“Goals” (via Billboard) is a decidedly stark, all-white affair, with a soulful dude behind a piano that reminds me of those silky, early-2000s Bad Boy R&B videos, something very 112. She’s rapping about “dirty demons,” boss deals and sharing life hacks, but ultimately focused on her business acumen: “I’m single and a boss is my favorite position.”

The videos were all directed by Dej’s creative director CJ South (who’s worked with Christina Milian and also me, previously, as a writer) and shot in one day in L.A. Compared to the wavy, melodic feel of “Goals,” there’s an edgier, industrial aesthetic to “Vibes/Chase Mine.” Dej is still questionable about everyone’s motives, and with her usual deceptively calm boasts, while wondering if people feel her music. Reminder about this part where Dej shares her, um, views on abortion: “I get pregnant, shit it’s life/I ain’t killing my kids/That was random, I’m just sharing things I disagree with.”

The styling is pretty tough throughout. In “Vibes/Chase Mine,” she wears these fur-adorned sneakers, which I would probably consider wearing and then model it in a mirror and decide not to wear them.

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Lastly, “Who Am I” is just Dej lounging in a bathtub filled with black water, which is what I imagine myself doing every Friday night but in regular clear water, when instead I end up doing the dishes and catching up on Shahs of Sunset. Def tells Billboard, “The idea originally sparked from me and my daily bath taking ritual. I often meditate by running a hot bubble bath, lighting candles and sage, and playing music.” Just like Rev Run.

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I like Dej Loaf more than i like Dej Loaf’s music. i just like her. and her stylist has been doing great with her lately. Shes been looking great.