Dev Is Dating Again in the Master of None Season 2 Trailer

Screengrab via Netflix.
Screengrab via Netflix.

The first promo shared by Aziz Ansari for Season 2 of his Netflix hit Master of None showed our hero gleefully scooting around on a Vespa, delighting in his post-break up freedom to explore. The full trailer makes it look like more of a bummer.


Dev drinks a coffee in black and white. Dev goes on a series of exhausting dates that are all the same. Dev runs with some European children down a cobblestone street. Dev gets served a very tiny plate of food. All the classic tropes of recovering from getting dumped by your boring, but comfortable girlfriend.

Hard to tell what else the show will be diving into besides the ennui of a man with the money to go on an extended vacation when his heart gets broken, but the pleasant meandering of the trailer makes it seem like it’ll be a season worth scooting through. Also, Ansari’s parents are back and they’re the best.

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What I noticed amongst my friends was that most of my POC friends loved the show, while most of my white friends were ambivilent at best, dislike at worst. I’ve been asked to explain why it’s good to my white friends and part of me wanted to say “Maybe this show just isn’t for you. Not everything is for you.”