Does This Fantastic Four Trailer Kinda Look Like Prometheus to You?

Here is the new Fantastic Four trailer … and it looks like every Marvel movie snippet you've ever seen with a dash of Prometheus. There is a car driving through a corn field, there is a seemingly secret military project meeting, there is someone playing baseball and another person fixing a car in what looks like every day America.

Philip Glass, who previously stuck to indies like The Hours, handled the music for director Josh Trank's reimagining of the Fantastic Four, which stars Michael B(ae) Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell. No, Michael was not topless in the trailer and yes, I too am disappointed.

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This looks like it might take itself a bit too seriously for a movie about a guy who turns into Stretch Armstrong. But there's no way it can be as awful as the last time they tried to get this franchise started.