Dolce & Gabbana Made Cat Blanket Coats and Weird Justin Bieber Fan Tees for Fall 2017

Images via AP.
Images via AP.

Most of the reports about Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2017 show have to do with the casting—that largely, in lieu of typical models, the designers had an assortment of people like Lady Kitty Spencer (niece of Princess Diana), Sofia Richie, and Austin Mahone walk the runway, not-total randos with large social followings who increase the house’s Instagram cachet.

I wouldn’t NOT wear this...
I wouldn’t NOT wear this...

That is well and good, but what is even more important than the fact that Corinne Foxx (Jamie’s daughter), Charlotte Olympia (the designer) and Pixie Lott all walked is the fact that within the bright and fun collection, which seemed like a Milanese translation of milagros to streetwear, were deeply weird Justin Bieber fan tees. And even more important than that was the fact that D&G had Austin Mahone sing for the show, which seems like a real second choice situation! Poor Austin!


If that weren’t enough, they also showed jackets with cat patterns of the sort you might find on a blanket at your grandma’s house, voluminous fur coats and neat jeans that look as though they were decorated with marker in third-period chemistry class. Junior high is a real blast.

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If I were rich I would rock that cat robe like it was nobody’s business. I’ll have to settle for my crazy cat shirt (I will also state that Taylor Swift has this pattern in a bathrobe which makes me feel cool, sadly)