Don't Ask the Scandal Cast About Columbus Short

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Members of the Scandal cast answered some burning questions—including one about Columbus Short—during a very tight-lipped PaleyFest Q&A moderated by Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday.


Short's Harrison character was presumably killed off not too long after his domestic violence incident. According to Deadline, one bold attendee/gladiator in the audience asked the cast, "Since the show is called Scandal, how does the cast handle the true-life scandal... I won't say the name (cough) Columbus Short (cough)."

Kimmel joked, "That is a good question no one's going to answer."

Addressing the audience's laughter after the question, a diplomatic Washington called the whole cast "family," and said:

"One thing I would say, just so it's clear... I don't, celebrate the laughter in response to that. I appreciate the laughter. Thank you for giving us so many viewers. And understand why we're not going to answer that."

Washington also said of last week's Ferguson storyline:

"I was very moved that Shonda had a lot of feelings about what was going on, and her form of protest, and her way to contribute, was to write, and for all of us to be able to tell the story."

Rhimes was absent from the session, but Kimmel asked whether anyone's ever contested her on set. Tony Boldwyn (Fitz) responded, "She knows what she wants. We trust her." Got it. Washington added:

"Occasionally I get these very strange questions…like "are you okay running barefoot' or "Do you haves any negative history with this person." Once, she said, she asked Rhimes a follow-up question. "I never got any response."



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