Don't You Dare Try to Take the Taylor Swift 'London Boy' Route in Real Life

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On Taylor Swift’s Lover, fans get an extremely on-the-nose peek into her relationship with Joe Alwyn on a song called “London Boy.” It’s a pop rollercoaster ride filled with more British-isms than an episode of Love Island: references to high tea and the West End, trips to Camden Market and Highgate, rugby in the pub, you get it. But Swift would like to clear some things up about the song, mainly that you really shouldn’t even try to take the trip she maps out in a day.


The loop-de-loop journey got some criticism from actual Londoners, who didn’t understand why she’d take routes she did (or why she’d even want to see Hackney in the first place.) But Swift said in a recent interview with the BBC that the song does not take place in 24 hours, NME reports.

“This is supposed to happen over the space of three years,” Swift said. “Somebody told me, ‘They think you’re talking about one day,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, you’d never make it. You wouldn’t make it. You’d make it in three years!’”


Swifties, I repeat, do not try this route out yourselves in the course of a day. For now, just grab a sausage roll and throw on an episode of EastEnders from the comfort of your American homes and use your imagination.

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Mortal Dictata

So the usual thing where the images a rich celeb gives a place are incredibly out of touch with reality.

Bit like how New York is portrayed as just Manhattan where it’s luxury shopping all day and everyone looks lovely and speaks with a national American accent rather than a local one or how L.A is a beautiful town of dreams where it’s sun, sea, sand and nothing can go wrong.