Downtown Boys Burn Down Trump's Pinche Wall In Their New Video for 'Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendajas)'

Here’s an idea that seems so deeply satisfying, I’m bummed I hadn’t thought of it before: smash a piñata with the head of Pepe and the hair of Trump while eating birthday cake. Like, right?


This is the scenario posed to us in Downtown Boys’s fun jam for “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas),” a hopeful song from their transcendent latest album Cost of Living. Kids and women looking happy and prideful are spliced between live footage of the band, and the track was described on their Facebook page as “a declaration of one’s ability to decolonize one’s mind, and the importance of fearlessly unlearning the ways white supremacy conditions people to think and exist.” Somos chulas, no somos pendejas! A spiritual salve for our time.

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I’m being that person, but the headline has a typo!

ETA: I am enjoying the video. We wanted to get a Trump pinata for my nephew’s birthday but someone thought that it would model bad behavior to the children to repeatedly beat up the president in effigy. There’s always a party pooper. :(