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There are remarkably few sure things in life. In fact, I can only name two: one day we will all die, and Dr. Phil will not.

According to Deadline, Dr. Phil himself, Phil McGraw has inked a deal with CBS Television Distribution to keep his daily talk show going through 2023, his 21st season. I can’t imagine what the world will look like then—surely there will be little left—but bless him, Phil will continue to bring us bad advice, heartbreak, and Bhad Bhabies until then.


Dr. Phil is currently the highest-rated daytime talk show, which means at some point, it beat The Oprah Winfrey Show, which gave him his big break. But it’s most likely that Oprah is completely unfazed. (She’s also an executive producer on the program so, get your coin.)

Remember this: Phil McGraw has survived in a world where Jerry Springer has finally retired, and where hospital waiting room TVs are sure to be stuck on your network, delighting otherwise morose and impatient family members with your trash. If only everything could be so consistent.

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