During a show in Detroit on Wednesday night—as part of his Jungle tour, which kicked off this week—Drake spit a freestyle about why he doesn’t have or need more friends.

Drake—the antithesis of Taylor Swift, if you will—wants to make it clear that new friends are not welcome, nor invited to the party. This new freestyle finds him once again basking in success while driving home the point that his friendship requirements are extremely high.

He’s not so much averse to the idea of friendship (it’s good to have friends) as he is protective of his inner circle. “My circle got so small that it’s a period,” he raps.

More of Drake’s freestyle:

Look, I would have so many friends if I didn’t have money, success and accomplishments

I would have so many friends if I held back the truth and just gave out compliments

I would have all of your fans if I didn’t go pop and I stayed on some conscious shit

And I would have so many more friends if I lost my respect and my confidence

Once again, that means: No new friends. Drake implores you to stop trying to be his friend. Fall back, Madonna.


The rapping, of course, bled into a harmoniously delivered warning from Drake: “Y’all better not come to my funeral with that fake shit.”

Watch the freestyle below.


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Image of Drake at Coachella via Getty