Drake's Views (From the 6) Is Out, Let's Chat About It

After a somewhat harrowing promise that Views would debut on Beats 1 Radio at 10 PM, a delay, and its actual appearance on Apple Music an hour later while OVO Radio was playing Rae Sremmurd’s “Look Alive,” we have so much to talk about. While it’s not exactly the frenzy that Lemonade conjured—it’s 20 songs long, my dudes—it’s still Drake from the 6. Chat it out below and, if you like, follow along as we livetweet our first listen at @JezMuse.

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I’m not listening to it tonight because I’m taking a long drive tomorrow (through the 6, no less, visiting some real ones livin’ past Kennedy Road) and Drake is best in the car. Very much looking forward to it though!! I get a laugh out of ‘Drake the type’ jokes but I love the guy, I can’t help it.