Dreezy Dumps a Deadbeat Boozer Boy In Her New Video for 'Wasted'

Surely many of us can relate to Dreezy’s plight in “Wasted”—ain’t-shit dude only calls for sex whilst drinking, and then late at night, and yet still we hold out hope he’ll change his ways. The song, though, is mournful but not disempowered; a statement rather than a plea, and an acknowledgement that the dude is the true loser in this scenario.


In the video for “Wasted,” a song that’s been a bit of a sleeper hit for the multitalented Chicago musician, the dude’s party doesn’t even look that fun, and also because people seem to be drinking pinot grigio out of the kind of stackable jar they sell at music festivals. But Dreezy wins out in the end, as boozer boy mournfully cleans up his crib—everyone knows the day after’s always the saddest.

“Wasted” is from No Hard Feelings, her Interscope debut, which also gave us “Body” with Jeremih and “We Gone Ride” with Gucci Mane; it’s a cute album, you should listen to it!

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