Dreezy's New Video Is an Ode to Her Ride-or-Dies (And Gucci Mane!)

“Nah, we don’t fall out, we just ball out,” is a better ode to your best girlfriends than a trillion dumb fake-friend Instagram posts hashtagged “squad.” Dreezy, the excellent Chicago rapper who last month released her debut album No Hard Feelings, is here for her ride-or-dies, celebrating the act that is riding around in a convertible together and just stunting because you’re young and cool. I actually have never done this as I know approximately two people who own cars, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing in the world. And Gucci’s here too, looking brolic and like, really attractive? Sobriety does wonders!


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I like this, but while we’re talking girl squad songs please can I take the opportunity to share this from Nadia Rose because I’ve watched this video roughly 75 times and I need to tell everyone how much I love it.