Drew Barrymore Is Worried About People Vamping It Up in Front of Cameras

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This one wasn’t on my fourth-quarter 2020 bingo card: Drew Barrymore doesn’t watch reality TV because, as she said on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, she’s “worried that people are vamping it up because there are cameras.” Unrelated, of course, Barrymore performed a Darth Vader impression using a light-therapy mask, imitated a seagull, dramatically shouted out the names of pasta, denounced pappardelle, shared something she wrote on her arm, enthused about the convenience-store chain Wawa, coined a new connotation for the term “nod out,” and told Jane Lynch that she loves her “for so many reasons, and over so many years, and in every capacity.” All that and more in this week’s Drew Weekly montage:

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


Josh The Cannabis Columnist

She seems like a very nice person, and I wish her no ill will and success with her life, but watching 10 minutes of this is an excruciating cringe fest. It’s like spending time with your painfully insecure theater major friend who has a problem with Adderall and will die if not the center of attention every waking moment. I feel bad for the crew who have to smile wanly and fake laugh through every minute of the show.