Drew Barrymore's Barefoot Winter Stroll in NYC Remains a Mystery

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Here’s one for the missed-opportunity file: Drew Barrymore did not use her talk show to address the pap shot of her walking around 37-degree New York City without shoes that the New York Post ran this week. Not a shoe, nor a sock, nor an aquasock separated her from the ground. What’s up with that? Was it the legacy of boho, rules-free childhood clashing with city living? Was it a test of will and/or spirit? Did she simply forget footwear? We may never know.


Meanwhile, on this week’s The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore lamented that celebrities feel like they aren’t allowed to complain and then told a story about her daughter kicking her in the shins. A contestant in her 6 Feet from $600 mini-game guessed that the foam purpose dinosaur Barney of children’s television and your weirdest dreams was a dog then a cat and then a rat. Fellow former child stars Mayim Bialik and Soleil Moon Frye joined Barrymore to discuss what it’s like to have a rarified existence. And Barrymore came upon a piece of pizza that did not agree with her, perhaps for the first time ever.

By the way, The Drew Barrymore Show has been picked up for a second season. Mazel! I shall remain chained to my computer.

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Why is it always the manic crazy pseudo-hippy white chicks that are NASTY AS FUCK walking around barefoot outdoors? Black soled disgusting assholes.