In the trailer for E!’s upcoming scripted series The Arrangement, we follow a young actress as she mulls over a $10 million offer to wed one of the world’s biggest movie stars, who happens to be the most prominent member of a cult-like “self-help organization.” And though that might sound like the story of a certain A-lister, his ex-wife, and the Church of Scientology, The Arrangement isn’t about them at all. It’s pure fiction!


The series (whose plot also sounds strikingly similar to Amy Sohn’s novel The Actress) stars Josh Henderson as Hollywood’s hottest actor, Christine Evangelista as the actress he propositions, and Michael Vartan as his bff/the leader of a a mysterious group called The Higher Mind. No word yet on what word they use for “thetan.” I’m thinking it’ll be something like “thwumps”?

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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