Ekhaus Latta's Latest Ad Campaign Shows People Really Doin' It

Image via Eckhaus Latta.
Image via Eckhaus Latta.

Eckhaus Latta, the New York-based fashion line by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Lotta, is known and loved for its innovative, deconstructed designs. So I guess it’s a natural progression that they would eventually run ads of partially-clothed real-life couples actually fucking each other.

“We were thinking of how we were using sexuality, the relationship between fashion advertising and sexuality—and in very direct terms saying sex sells,” photographer Heji Shin told W. The message, according to Eckhaus, was meant to be “sex-positive, body-positive, sexuality-positive,” and the couples—scouted, after failing to recruit via Craigslist, by a friend who goes to orgies—were shot in their own bedrooms, by a solo Shin.


I’m pretty into the pixels, and the concept, and sorry, not to out myself as lame, but I am also profoundly curious as to how a person takes pictures of a couple having sex in their bedroom without just really radiating discomfort. What was their introductory conversation like?! To be clear, she’s a professional and I’m sure it was fine, I just know that I personally would find that challenging and absolutely would ruin the vibe and everyone would stop being horny and I would have to go run out and buy emergency coconut oil or whatever, which is probably why I am writing this blog and not shooting an ad campaign.

Check out the rest of the images here.

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Using the subject as an excuse to ask for some opinions from my fellow Jezzies. *Trigger warning.*

Ok, so after a divorce here I am at 35 navigating dating again. I’ve been seeing this hot marine casually. A little younger, also divorced. The ex allegedly cheated on him. Anyway, we’re texting last night and fantasies came up. At first, it was the standard threesome stuff, but then he said this:

“Tying you up and torturing you with a vibrator, making you come again and again until you are begging me to stop. Taking you against your will, or while you are unconscious, coming deep inside you at the end. Choking you as you come until you lose consciousness.”

Wtf??? Do I have virgin ears, or does this sound sadistic/rapey AF? I know nothing of the BDSM world, so maybe I’m overreacting but I’m disturbed.