Erinn Hayes Is in a Better Place After Kevin Can Wait Killed Off Her Character

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With death comes new life. Now that the Kevin Can Wait chapter of her career is closed—on account of her former character Donna being killed off “out of respect” and because the show’s writers got lazy—Erinn Hayes has moved onto something “beautiful.”


The show she’s currently on is Amazon’s The Dangerous Book for Boys, which according to People, “follows a family coping with the loss of their patriarch with the help of a guidebook he left for them.” Wow! Kevin Can Wait turned into a show about a man who’s (kinda) dealing with the loss of his wife (he seemed pretty cool about it), and now the actor who played his wife is on a show that’s about dealing with the loss of a dad.

However, “They’re such different shows,” Hayes told People. “One is a sitcom, it’s three jokes a page… You’re not diving into too much real emotion. And I had a wonderful time on that. And now I’m on this. This show is so true to life, and it’s… cinematic. The jokes can be the jokes and they come when they come, but it’s not like you gotta hit that thing.”


One could say she’s in a better place. Hayes adds, “It was just so beautiful to get a chance to dive into the reality of this family’s experience.”

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And she no longer has to pretend Kevin James is funny!