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The Grammys begin at something like noon in Los Angeles—by 2 p.m. Pacific, the red carpet was already in full swing—which is a side effect of how many awards they give away before the broadcast. It’s unfortunate, really, particularly considering people probably had to start getting “glam” at like 10 a.m., which seems rude. But it’s good for us, because it gives us so many more outfits to see! Join me with this constantly updated, comprehensive look at the LOOKS.

As ever, musicians ideally care less about looking glammy and more about pushing the envelope, although we’ve been seeing that less frequently. Still, you’ve got to give props to the ingenuity of Girl Crush, who brought her own ball pit to this jawn. My big question, though, is how she’s going to sit down?

Chinese singer Jane Zhang’s feathered gown is beautiful and delicate, while the legend Judy Collins sparked the fire tonight. Myá, who is also a fashion model and works like one (god bless), looks great in that red business suit, though the fit looks a little off from this angle.

Anita Bias, Amber Strother and Paris Strother of the wonderful R&B trio KING also injected their creativity into their kimono-inspired gowns. Kah-lo and Riton, aside from recording a jam, do bring the essence of the club to the carpet; note Kah-lo’s heels match Riton’s jacket, a lovely detail. And Diplo’s best look are his babies, Lazer and Locket Pence, who already know from mean-mugging.

I like that Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco are repping for music with integrity on the carpet, in the form of Cashmere’s Fade to Mind cap, plus Blanco’s suit is to die for. Erika Jayne, an apparent Real Housewife and “pop singer,” is actually working this sparkly/shiny party dress, though the shoe hue is off. Jill Scott is giving us houndstooth optical illusions, and Steve Aoki looks subdued for the occasion.

Joy Huerta, of Latin Grammy winners Jesse & Joy, looks breezy and lovely in her rose print; another great graphic print is on Kyle Dixon who, with Michael Stein, makes up S U R V I V E aka the Stranger Things musician guys. Lalah Hathaway is a little too Little Mermaid in that jawn though I respect it, while Lea Michele is stunning in a Roberto Cavalli two-piece.

Raka Rich and Raka Dun, who make up my homies Los Rakas, always look EXTREMELY on point; I’m glad that Parkwood Entertainment’s Sophie Beem also picked up some style tips from her boss Beyoncé; Tanvi Shah, the first Indian woman to ever win a Grammy, looks lovely and simple in a Marilyn style glam, while Tory Lanez’s silvery tux jacket is slick and perfect.

Daya’s look is really cute, especially for a first-time attendee; love the party pleats and hardware sandals. Desiigner’s carpet look is always on point, and he’s a forever member of the Wiz Khalifa no-shirt school of tuxedos. Albanian pop singer Elvana Gjata is doing exactly what I want tonight: unexpected, weird, maybe a little off but never in a predictable way. And I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t personally wear a turtleneck sweater gown with a peplum high-low skirt? Uh, hello?? Ro James is so far my favorite man-look, though I am a little off on the pants-length, even though I know it was a studied decision. Still, every accessory is perfect.

Adele! Love that pea-green color on her but I didn’t really like the dress in the Givenchy couture collection and I’m not loving it here. Paris Jackson’s Balmain, though, is a perfect disco look, and Tinashe could wear basically anything and knock ‘em dead. I hope it is warm in Los Angeles right now, however!

Dang, you guys, it’s Camila Cabello’s first Grammy appearance without Fifth Harmony. Can you see the difference? YES: It’s that she’s not wearing a thing in sheer pantyhose material with leather straps and thigh high boots, or whatever! This is really a breakout look, finally Camila gets to stunt like a princess. Elle King is doing the princess in spring thing too, but sorry, no one wins like freaking ENYA, who is ENYA, and wearing an embroidered sheer shawl because she is ENYA.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is star-studded and fun but safe. Jidenna is just so cozy in the nehru linens and velvet driving loafters! René Marie was not on the carpet, but I really wanted to highlight her breezy jersey dress and contrasting accessories because it’s very Maria Cornejo and I love it. Tori Kelly’s green ruffles look just great.

Don Cheadle doesn’t need to be here and so his dressed down look is respectable. Hope he puts his feet up on the chair in front of him. Kat Graham’s dress is perhaps not immediately the best, but the way it looks like rock candy and a swingin’ ‘60s carpet gone awry is interesting! Kelsea Ballerini is dressed like someone who just got engaged whose name is Kelsea Ballerini.

Hello, the Gucci brigade! Rick Ross makes me wish for men that they never have to wear flat-bottom shoes again. Santigold’s snake motif is ominous and dainty at once in that schoolgirl pink and she looks great. Serving severe minimalism: Skrillex, Skylar Grey.

CeeLo Green as Gnarly Davidson as CeeLo Green as you okay, dog? I love that Leon Bridges and Brittini Jessie look like they got ready together for a glamorous date. The look is romance! Nick Jonas is wearing full Balmain but the studded jacket is feeling very teen emo band to me, which is not the look.

Carrie Underwood’s elaborate red lace/sequin number is very Mandrell Sisters. Halsey told my dreaded son Giuliana on the tee vee that her outfit was going for a very “TLC, Aaliyah, ‘90s R&B” vibe which leads me to believe that of those musicians’ repertoires, she has only ever seen the “Waterfalls” video. James Corden and wife Julia Carey totally matched, prom-styles, which is so cute! Heidi Klum is just wearing like, a shiny sheath, which I would totally do too, were that I Heidi Klum.

Faith Hill’s Zuhair Murad is sleek and smart; Kara Brown told me it is very hot in L.A. today so I don’t know how Jason Derulo is dealing with so many layers but he looks sharp. Katy Perry is back and I’m loving the gown—Tom Ford, baby—which is both robotic and feminine. Maren Morris’s gown is like a full on lingerie apron, like something Shay would wear on Game of Thrones but lacier.

Rae Sremmurd and Mike Will Made It are sharp but themselves. I like that Mike Will brought his briefcase.

Okay, here’s some shit I’m trying to see right here. First off, Betsey Johnson and John Cale remind us of a time when music was less dictated by the industry, ironically turning up with punk spirit at the damn Grammys. I want Betsey’s entire outfit. Charli XCX is usually punkier, but she’s that in spirit, dressed in head-to-toe Vivienne Westwood with a neckline shaped like a knife. Jennifer Lopez is just a pink puff, proving yet again she can wear literally anything.

Gary Clark Jr. and Nicole Trunfio are just a portrait of #goals. Look at the detailing on her belt!

If Chance the Rapper ever gets tired of music, I feel he could have a second career as a style editor at GQ. This look is personalized, well tailored and modern. KUDOS. Demi Lovato, though I love her conceptually, is doing that post-Givenchy/post-Balmain, see-through cleavage thing that everyone does and honestly it’s beneath her. On the other hand, Laverne Cox really showed out for the occasion; it’s sexy, it’s punk, it’s leather and safety pins. Her eyeshadow (with sequins!) is also totally on point.

Celine Dion is giving me uber-chic French fashion house right now and I feel like she has been spending a lot of time in the club. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend look beautiful as ever; meanwhile Lady Gaga finally drops the Hollywood glam and returns to her roots: T.Rex realness, with an antiestablishment level of underboob and a spiky sleeve. Who did the rose gold dye job? Need their number and probably, like, an extra $1500.

HELLO! THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE FASHIONABLY LATE. Andra Day took her retro sensibilities about 20 years forward to the free-child ‘60s, while Solange is the ultimate life-giver in Grammy gold set for Studio 54, 55, 56, 57, and 99. Taraji P. Hensen is celebrating the sun and the stars, another little shout-out to Hidden Figures, perhaps. Fingers crossed for that Oscar.

HARK!!! I don’t know who makes this wide-wale corduroy princess skirt and racerback tangerine sequin crop top but I can say I love it!!! RIHANNA! (Update! It’s Armani Privé! Rihanna!)