Sarah Burton’s latest fantastical collection for Alexander McQueen invoked, at least in spirit, the legends in Game of Thrones, its gestures towards medieval mythologies gleaming through in silvery unicorn appliqués on delicate lace and romantic, papillon-festooned boudoir jackets. Despite the lilting nature of the fabrics, though, these weren’t damsels in distress: it was a celebration of the magic of femininity, including all the strength and power that implies.


Burton told Vogue the collection was “almost sleepwalking, in a state where reality and dreams become blurred.” That concept was manifested explicitly in a playful, off-the-shoulder satin gown/duvet that gave the effect of having just woken from slumber (the tousled bedhead helped). You could imagine Margaery Tyrell wrapping herself in it as she padded from bed over to like, the wine trough in her chambers.

Silhouettes ranged from nighttime lingerie (with house slippers!) to queenly gowns embellished with the starry twinkle of the night sky to glossy overcoats doubling as leather robes (what is more powerful than a leather robe)?


It was soundtracked by a diaphanous melange of synths and echo-effected guitars, textural REM effect for when an ostrich-feathered gown flicked at a model’s feet. So pretty.

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