Kit Harington and Rose Leslie aka Jon Snow and Ygritte the Wildling REPRESENTING THEIR IRL LOVE. Images via Getty.

What the frick is this. Wednesday night, the seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered in Los Angeles, and all the stars—including those who work on GoT—were dressed like this isn’t something the rest of the world has been waiting for, like, more than a year? And that “Winter” is actually fricken “here”? This is an OCCASION, you fricknuts, approach it with some goddamn reverence!

I wanted to see these people out here wearing their wedding dresses and zillion-dollar tuxedos—both of which I will be wearing Sunday night when GoT returns, aka the best Sunday night OF MY LIFE—but I still must admit that as ever, the Thrones crew spiffs up nicely considering that the majority of their onscreen costumes are essentially feudalist minimalism as viewed through the lens of a particularly odious crustypunk. (Shout to the fancy people in King’s Landing and Dorne.) Above, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who the ‘bloids have reported have moved in together and are just about the best onscreen romance to ship I can think of, complemented each others’ patterns in a brocade suit and lightly floral gown. They look cute!

GoT showrunner David Benioff and actor Amanda Peet are acting like this is just some regular dinner out or something rather than a LIFE CHANGING EVENT that this dude co-created! Still, Peet’s slick pony and Wilma Flintstone frock is sleek and flattering. Harington and Leslie, again; note her train (at least somebody had the sense to bring some freakin’ formality to this thing). Sophie Turner is wearing a sequined silver Kansaï Yamamoto party dress, a statement of freedom unto itself. Can Sansa catch a break?!?


It is wild to see Gemma Whelan in an ensemble so feminine compared to Yara Greyjoy’s Iron Islands boss-bitch armor, but here she is in a look that’s every bit the role of tertiary character in like, Atonement. Indira Varma, whose head Sand Snake character appears to hook up with Whelan’s Greyjoy based on the trailer, looks sunny and summery in a garden-party dress. Maisie Williams generally goes for an edgier look, but here she’s toned down in kelly green. Nathalie Emmanuel’s face-print dress is my fave so far, particularly with that contrasting scarlet lip.

Aidan Gillen’s black suit is quite well-fitted, but even having watched him play copious other roles I can’t shake the idea that he’s Littlefinger, scheming. Alfie Allen’s brown suit-black dotty tie is not working for me but also he seems to me like kind of a stoner, and interested in shit other than fashion, so I’m giving him a pass. Iain Glen, though—there’s a man who knows how to dress for a dang occasion! Rep your set, Iain! He’s there with Jerome Flynn, who seems much less intimidating in a cardigan.


Gwendoline Christie is such a fashion maven, and she does have a knack for period pieces; this pretty ‘30s style gown is embellished beautifully. Joe Dempsie’s come a long way, baby, and cleans up like a champ in a grid-style tie, while Keshia Castle-Hughes, Sand Snake mami, goes for a vertical stripe wrap-dress that is fine. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looks GREAT in a slick navy suit, no tie, and two hands!


Andrea Troyer and showrunner D.B. Weiss did bring a sense of gravity to the occasion, largely due to the addition of VELVET to the carpet. Gina Torres’s silk jumper is a knockout, and Katie Aselton (with Mark Duplass) kept it real California in a witchy skirt and camisole. I feel like she’s been listening to Haim.

Isaac Hempstead Wright is seriously just warging himself into adulthood, am I right? Look at my mans, with his perfect pocket square. Liam Cunningham is a zaddy and a half, and only with age comes the wisdom to wear an ENTIRELY MONOCHROME THREE PIECE SUIT. Younger dudes, take note. Ramin Djawadi, the man who composed the theme you will never get out of your mind, also went for a monochrome and turnt it out in his own way; Richard Dormer’s gray look is fine, if a bit wrinkly.


Adina Porter’s one-shoulder crimson-and-gold look is perfectly summery and simple but dressy; Jacob Anderson is doing the most with a brocade lapel; John Bradley looks proper fit (did I use that right? I’m sure I’ll be getting emails from my London friends, sorry).


Because network recognize network, there were some other familiar HBO faces. Amanda Crew, aka one of the two women on Silicon Valley, was whimsical in a GoT-homage braid; her cohort Jimmy O. Yang is looking hella slick with the gold chain. Pooja Batra took the dress code up a notch with a more formal but summery gown, while Veep’s Timothy Simons fully grew a Game of Thrones beard like a TRUE fan semi-going for Wildling cosplay. TIMOTHY: I SEE YOU!