Everyone From Boy Meets World Is an Adult Now

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I am turning 30 in less than a month, and so I now spend all my waking hours re-litigating my childhood and thinking about little I have accomplished now that death looms near(er). And so, it was slightly horrifying to see a photo of the Boy Meets World cast in Ye Lorde’s Year of 2019. Everyone looks just fine, of course, but now they are all grown-ups instead of precocious children and thus remind me of the inevitability of the passage of time.


People says Will Friedle, Rider Strong, Ben Savage, and Danielle Fishel (plus Mr. Feeny!) reunited this weekend at the Boston Comic-Con Fan Expo. Fishel and Friedle put up an Instagram photo:

The whole gang truly looks great, especially William Daniels (Feeny), who’s going strong as hell and probably still giving these kids shit at 92. It also hasn’t really been that long since we’ve seen the Boy Meets Worlders, since most of the core cast made appearances on Disney Channel’s now-departed Girl Meets World. And yet, the only boys here are boys at heart, and we tick ever closer to The End. Anyway, I’m doing great! No birthday anxiety over here at all! I have broken only two stress balls this week, thank you very much for asking!



chocolate covered raisons d'être

Hey Fishbein...don’t sweat turning 30. I raised more hell between 30 and 40 than a body had a right to and still be standing. A decade of great memories and lovely regrets. May you have the same.