Have you ever wondered how Donatella Versace would interpret the very clear lyrics to Bruno Mars’s song about sexin’, “Versace on the Floor?”


Did you think Bruno Mars and Donatella Versace knew each other beyond the odd encounter at the Met Ball? Has any part of you felt like you really wanted to see what fashion models look like while mouthing the lyrics to this song? Sorry to say that Donatella Versace does what she wants and this video, courtesy of Vogue, is the result.

The above clip features Candice Swanepoel, Natasha Poly, Hana Soukupova, Kiki Willems, Binx Walton, Alexandra Micu, Hiandra Martinez, Faretta, Mag Cysewska, Diletta Paci, Alpha Dia, Leonard Mushiete, Jurriaan Seppenwoolde, and Adrian Chabada wearing Versace gowns and interpreting the lyrics quite literally by wearing their Versace whilst sitting on the floor. You know, like the lyrics say! Versace... on the floor. Worn by a human body rather than cast off a human body at the height of lovemaking, which is clearly what Mr. Mars suggests.


I admire the literal interpretation of this song but when I am promised models and Donatella Versace lip syncing to Bruno Mars in “loving tribute,” I expect a freaking lip sync, not some models in Versace garments swanning about a big room covered in marble, waving their lithe limbs while half-heartedly lip syncing a song about fucking. Okay? God.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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