Face Crochet Is So Hot Right Now

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Tokyo Fashion Week, where lines are driven primarily by creativity as opposed to market forces—and even in its opening days it does not disappoint. Exhibit A: crocheted face masks/topknots by the Vietnamese designer Nguyen Cong Tri, a study in luxury and elegantly concealing one’s identity.

The masks were made with the same fine Vietnamese silk the designer used on boxy jackets and flowing gowns, garments inspired by traditional rice farmer clothing in his home country, according to WWD.


Nguyen told WWD through a spokesperson that the silk he used is made in only one village in Vietnam, and that “they need to be dyed 90 to 100 times to achieve the proper shine, thickness and durability. The dye comes from the Mac Nua fruit and the whole dyeing and drying process takes about four months to complete. In effect, it took Nguyen two years to amass enough fabric for his fall collection.”

That is some boss shit, particularly when used to such delicate and striking effect—real life weaves and elegant fringe crafted with millions of fine threads.


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Images via AP

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