Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Are So Freakin' In Love

In country music, the aspirational long-term relationships whose music reflects their reality include Garth and Trisha (swoon!) and Faith and Tim, the latter of whom are about to drop an album of duets—their first, can it be?


The first single from this hallowed affair is a ballad entitled “The Rest of Our Life,” and that’s in the singular plural because they don’t have separate lives, they live together as one (also indicated in their series of dual tours, Soul2Soul). Just like Romeo and Juliet! This song is about how even if they get mad at each other, they’re gonna be together for eternity because it is destiny. Also, the styling in this video is fantastic—that purple satin gown in the rain, Tim swooping in like a knight in a white tux—a perfect palette for the kind of unmitigated romance-fantasy they’re selling, a thing they’re selling but also which we believe. “We’ll stay young for the rest of our life,” they sing to each other’s eyes in some kind of diner, a signifier that while they may be rich now they’ll never forget their roots—and we’ll never forget how freaking in love they are with each other.


I listened to like, five seconds of this song and all I heard was, “desperate grab to be everyone’s wedding song in 2018.” It just feels very obvious and over the top.

...And of course, even with that said, it still makes me cry, damn it. Well played Tim and Faith. Well played.