It's Spring and you know what that means: the television is about to bombard us with Sunday night shows that will impede upon our collective ability to go outside and actually enjoy the Springness of it all. (Looking at you, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Best Bars in America.) But with great power comes great responsibility... to look fresh as hell on the red carpet premieres of your award-winning and time-sucking shows. Over the weekend, there were two big-ticket jumpoffs: a special screening of Mad Men in New York, and the premiere of superstar-sprinkled animated film Home. Let's see what happened.

Over in Mad Men land, leading ladies (and, in Elisabeth Moss's case, the show's ultimate star) were very 2015, and very glam. Moss's J. Mendel dress is very modernist Peggy: sleek sophistication that you could totally take from day to night if you don't have time to go home from the office. It's what we're all looking for, no? January Jones is stunning in perpetuity, particularly in this season-y Preen dress with cherry blossoms to match the newfound Christina Hendricksing of her hair color. Christina's lighter now, do you think they planned the flip?

Maureen Van Zandt and husband Steven look ill as hell, never not flexing their own '70s Jersey boss couple steez: excess is not in their vocabulary, and Steven's best accessory is his thug-life expression. On the other hand, Tamron Hall is doing a perfect transtional-season weekender look, a flirty, sleek black frock with a white gardenia as if to signify the pinhole of hope that may be the end of this garbage-cold season.


Somebody's in luh wi' the Coco, cause Rocha is very pregs, and one of those tiny people who just gets like, a wee bump while the rest of their body is the same. Very huge fan of pregnoncƩ humans wearing bodycon ensembles (no matter their frame) because why not flaunt the kid you're about to have? Why would you hide that? You'll have evidence soon enough! Gayle King is a vision in a watercolor floral and pumps, though it would have been cooler if she'd worn her signature clogs. Talia Balsam and John Slattery, real-life marriage-team who play a divorced couple on TV, are in sync enough to be color-coordinated, insofar that it is not difficult look sleek and matchy in hues of ink and slate grey. And then there is Christina Hendricks, gorgeous goddess of light, but who maybe should have chosen a different silhouette because the detailing on the skirt is too much. Yes on metallic red, though.

Gretchen Mol is handling her business... no really, this is way too busy. I love the Dior-ness of the turtleneck/shift-dress combo, and would like to see what this looks like without the Ace Bandage boot-shoe disaster on her tootsies. Jon Hamm was recently declared a "Hall of Fame Fashion God" by GQ, which has apparently never seen a photo of Jon Hamm off-duty. (Dad?!) But he cleans up nice, as ever. Here is a suit that is fine.


Kelly Rutherford is like "fuck this shit, we're sitting in a dark theater, I'm wearing my favorite 'going-out' outfit from my sophomore year at NYU." Which is DOPE! Kelly Rutherford, I respect your G. Vanessa Bayer is great but giving depressing office separates realness and I need her to quit the DMV, she's got too much talent to while away like that.

Over on the other side of the country, in a much more hospitable clime, Home screened its LA premiere and made us deeply jealous of both above-35-degree weather and not hitting the gene pool jackpot that is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Also, a bunch of people brought little kids along for the experience and that shit is cute as hell.


Asia Monet Ray of reality TV fame was one of the event's honorary children, a nine-year-old dance whiz in a floral a-line frock. Then we have ageless demigod Jennifer Lopez with her twin babes Maximilian and Emme, aged seven and wearing pastels to go with their mommy's lace Zuhair Murad because goddammit, this family don't clash. Tia Mowry is dressed in one of those perfect maxi-dresses that could be worn to this type of casually fancy event but is the most comfortable thing anyone has ever worn? And pockets to boot. Viola Davis is the coolest mom in leather leggings with daughter Genesis Tennon in her laciest, spiffiest. More Genesis in the future please!

Casper Smart is doing a bit too much on the Jean-Ralphio meets Derek Zoolander tip, but who can blame him, he probably feels like an outsized boss for being able to date such a badass as J.Lo. It's rare we get a glimpse of Octavia Spencer on a red carpet not dressed up, so I appreciate her casual-day-at-The Grove spirit. And finally, here are two photographs of Rihanna in Dior, looking young wild and carefree, with her niece Majesty (top image), and executing my life-dream of wearing coordinating outfits with my best friend (Melissa Forde is hers) to an event celebrating work that I did. (Rihanna voiced Home's main character.) Note to Pulitzer Board/MacArthur Genius Council/Harvard Honorary Doctorate Committee/Bard College Honorary Freakshit Selectors: please make sure when you present my awards the red carpet is this gentle shade of fuschia so that my BFF and I may coordinate our ensembles accordingly.


This is ideal friendship and I aspire to it:

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