Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Batty Find the Crystal Skull Dress Dorinda Wore on Real Housewives of New York

Image via screenshot/Bravo
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As a non-Real Housewives watcher, Batty’s request was a tad confusing to me until we got to the clothes part (although I did end up watching, and trepidatiously enjoying, the “bra party meltdown”). She wrote:

Good afternoon! I have been trying to find a shirt that Dorinda wore on RHONY.

It was the “bra party melt down” episode and she was wearing a white high low tank with a giant black crystal (probably) skull on it. I’m sure it’s Big $$$$ so a dupe would be appreciated as well.



Unfortunately, the exact tank Dorinda wore was definitely big $$$$: part of German designer Philipp Plein’s Spring collection, it’s already sold out online, but similar looks go anywhere from $1,020 for a similar tank style in a skull-roses-barbed wire pattern, to $2,023 for a pullover knit minidress. Cute, but most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around, so let’s explore some similar options.

Image via Century 21

This tank has the loose, breezy effect of the Plein without the length, and though the skull’s not Swarovski’d, the floral detailing is a nice touch (and brings down the price, which is presently $29.99 at Century 21).

Image via Amazon

This piece is actually a tank dress; I think the crocheted back more than makes up the flash factor you’d be losing without the crystal. Currently $29.99 at Amazon.

Image via eBay

This might be the closest we’re gonna get in 2016 anno domini, a thin maxi dress with crystal embellishments for a cool $29.95. It comes in other colors, but I quite like the delicateness of the crystal-on-white, like shaved ice in summer.


I know you won’t want this, but I just have to put it out there; I’m lightweight obsessed with the t-shirt line Rook, in that all of their designs seem like they were drawn by a 14-year-old boy who listens to metal and reads Thrasher magazine exclusively. (Seriously considering buying this shirt with a bulldog inexplicably carrying a six-pack?) Here’s a skull with missing teeth and an American flag bucket hat ($22 at Karmaloop), for a sort of Supreme meets DMT effect.

Image via Karmaloop

Okay, everybody: can you help Batty with some similar looks? Also, if you just want to talk about the RHONY bra party freakout—the scene with that one lady yelling at Dorinda and John about doing rails of cocaine, whoa!—be my guest.

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