Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Claire Find the Lace Dress Shoshanna Wore On Girls

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Claire was watching a little television show called Girls when she fell in love with the romantic but chic white lace frock worn by Zosia Mamet’s Shoshanna. Who wouldn’t, really! It’s very Beyoncé. Claire writes:

do you know where zosia mamet’s dress comes from? or where i could find something like it, not necessarily white? please and thank you!!


Yes I do! This dress is by Alexis and is currently going for $583 at Neiman Marcus. I asked my coworker Bobby what Shoshanna’s job is on Girls and he said, “She’s a marketing marketer who does marketing, I think? I feel like she’s ‘in marketing,’ in that TV way.” The cost of this dress seems somewhat unrealistic relative to her occupation, but fortunately for Claire (and us) this style is fairly popular right now thanks largely to Riccardo Tisci’s perennial see-through skirt format for Givenchy, so there are plenty of similar styles for fewer clams—and it also helps that the ivory color is optional.

Screenshots via ASOS, Misha Collection, Bloomingdales.

Paper Dolls makes a nice metallic version that’s both younger and cuter and less dainty ($121, ASOS); Misha Collection’s Riccadona dress has a similar vibe and is currently on markdown ($215, Misha Collection); Aqua’s lace bodycon dress comes in black or mauve ($98, Bloomingdales).


Ty-Lr’s Trosa dress is less lace romanticism and more modern smart, but still fits the bill ($129 [originally $395], Century 21); over at ModCloth, a steal of a mock turtleneck ($29.99 marked down from $150, ModCloth); if you wanted to go fully balls-out (literally?), you could wear this sexy bodycon jawn over a white bikini ($79, Recherche Clothing).


And finally, I would just like to note that in the course of searching for these I stumbled upon my Dream Dress I Cannot Afford, this GORGEOUS Jacquemus poplin number that I would wear on my imaginary vacation to Greece with the rest of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I’m Blake). Putting it here for posterity. ($680, Selfridges)

So, readers: do you have any recommendations for Claire?

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