Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Erica Find Sasheer Zamata's Chambray Dress

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Reader Erica writes in with a pressing problem:

I saw your recent post on the wedding dress in Girls and thought I’d ask for your help on a cute chambray jumpsuit I saw Sasheer Zamata wear at the end of an SNL episode. Not sure if this is a tencel chambray since it looks kind of flowy. I love the crossover detail on top! The bottom looks voluminous so it almost looks like a dress instead of a jumpsuit but I think when I saw it on TV it looked like the latter.

This episode was sometime back in October—it might’ve been Emily Blunt and Bruno Mars? I did tweet at Sasheer then in a desperate attempt to find out where she got that jumpsuit, but didn’t get a reply! Maybe if you find this piece just as cute you can help me find where it’s from or some good alternatives.


Here’s a better look at this lovely, comfy-looking piece:

In my quest for this piece, I emailed Zamata’s agent, Danielle Schoenberg, for help, and she kindly reports back that the dress is by the denim line Vibrant M.I.U. and she purchased it from Fly Jane, where it seems to be sold out (but there are lots of cute, affordable dresses still there!). In fact, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet, though here’s a similar piece from the same brand. (Maybe you could email them?)

It does indeed appear to be chambray, though, so I’ve tried to find you similar styles that incorporate volume and detail—that crossover reminds me of the Jeremy Scott look Rihanna wore at the end of the “We Found Love” video.

Images via Bloomingdales, Target, Chicwish

Chambray dresses often tend towards the retro in a cliché way, but I like this ‘70s style from Lovers and Friends (Bloomie’s, $150) and, sorry, this 2001 Britney-style handkerchief dress with embroidery (Target, $27.99). And this cutout dress may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it’s super flirty and perfect for summer picnics (Chicwish, $50.92).

Images via Dillards, Lulu’s, Forever 21

You mentioned you thought this might be a jumpsuit, so why not just go there? This widelegged halter jumper will be cool enough for summer, probably (Dillards, $79); or you could go more “LA” in this racerneck RVCA piece, which has a nice cut-out back (Lulu’s, $79). Finally, I’m just dropping this tasseled guy in cause I like it, and frankly nothing’s more comfortable than a roomy, boxy soft chambray (Forever 21, $38).


Readers, you got any ideas?

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