Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Louise Find a Non-See-Through White Shirt

Image via Nasty Gal
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Louise writes:

I am on a life-long quest to find the most elusive of all wardrobe pieces— a white shirt that isn’t see-through. A t-shirt, a business casual shirt, any goddamn shirt.

If you find one, I will be eternally grateful.

This is a perfect request, because the white shirt is iconic, a wardrobe staple, and has in recent years enjoyed a resurgence, largely thanks to the crisp, chic impulses of Céline’s Phoebe Philo. (The woman who’s also credited with the return of now-ubiquitous Stan Smiths.)


I love a white shirt, even the see-through ones; maybe especially so, as I can’t ever really shake myself of the style of an oversized distressed tee with a fitted, camisole silhouette beneath it. For that look, a very Kanye joint, I recommend hitting up American Apparel’s men’s section; they make a perfect transparent t-shirt that you can cop in larger sizes.

But we’re here for the opposite of that, and the key to keeping your underthings concealed lies almost solely with the fabric; cotton and linen, for instance, can be more see-through than a jersey knit, and for absolute guaranteed overall coverage you can wild out with a neoprene, leather or faux leather top. It all depends on the weight, density and quality of the thread and knit.

Above, a cute crop top from Nasty Gal ($58) that’s crafted in a poly/spandex, which is unlikely to allow for wayward and unwanted peepers.

Image via Eloquii

I’m obsessed with all things neoprene—the genre of synthetic fabric used in wet suits, though in fashion it tends to be much less rubbery. Because of its density, it’s unlikely to ever be see through, and also feels futuristic and precise; I love this collared, scalloped neoprene top with a cute Peter Pan collar; it feels very springy, and is a nice bargain at plus size clothier Eloquii for $49.90. (If it’s too feminine/dainty/whatever for you, they carry a more minimal asymmetrical t-shirt in the same fabric.) There’s also a super cute boxy top over here on sale for $13 if you happen to be a size six (that’s the only size left).


Now, I haven’t tried this exact brand, but in general I find name-brand men’s undershirts to be constructed with coverage in mind, and therefore they tend to be thicker (plus they’re often cheaper when they come in bulk). The fit isn’t crafted for women with breasts and waists, clearly, but in this case I’d buy a size or two up to account for the tatas. A four-pack of heavyweight crewnecks from Stafford come in five sizes and cost $24 at JC Penney.

Image via Saks Fifth Avenue

White denim is also a good way to go—denim’s always in style and will never be see through. The one above has that frayed look Marques’Almeida popularized for what seems like eternity, and is $149 at Saks.

That’s what I’ve got for now; does anyone out there have a great recommendation for a non-see-through t-shirt of any kind for Louise?

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