Fendi Staged One of the Prettiest Runway Shows You'll Ever See

It’s Fendi’s 90th year in existence, and so creative director Karl Lagerfeld pulled out all the stops, staging an haute fourrure show in Rome that was not just AT the legendary Trevi Fountain, but atop it, models floating ethereally above on a clear platform built in the pool.

Can you believe it! The clothes, of course, were comprised of fur—a breathless Vogue review called the garments “almost weightless, evanescent even”—but more breathtaking than the pretty florals painstakingly stitched together in intricate, delicate patterns was the sheer setting of it, models with ethereal beauty looks daintily walking on water to a regal, renaissance-invoking music soundtrack. The hair, pulled back into princess ringlets; the makeup, glowy and dewy (that highlighter though); the patterns peppered with pretty illustrations of Rapunzels wearing crowns. Vogue, again: “Karl Lagerfeld spins a magical fairy tale,” a headline that indicates their enthusiasm. Of course there were problems—the fact of the fur itself—but the setting was mesmerizing nevertheless, a classic Roman scene for a classic Italian brand. Lo adoro!


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