Fergie Is Back... Any Day Now

The somewhat-OG white female pop-rap star before Iggy is returning with new music. It just might take a while. Or not.


Roughly a year-and-a-half ago, Fergie released the pandering, DJ Mustard-produced song “L.A. Love,” where she attempts an ill-advised Spanish accent and reaches for global appeal; my colleague Julianne accurately described the video as “a rainbow of wackness.” Not much materialized in terms of an album, but Double Dutchess is her next purported solo effort.

And now, we have another Fergie song, “Hungry,” which she’s unnecessarily teasing via snippets—the first one dropped an entire month ago. So far, sounds like a pretty good eerie, gothic beat, though I can’t yet tell how much Fergie’s rhymes will ruin it (“Glamorous” may be the best example of a good Fergie song least obstructed by Fergie-ness).


On the second snippet of “Hungry,” she raps: “Sick. Sick. Mm. Hungry. Starving. Not thirsty. Just hungry. Ambitious. Still hungry.” If you love Fergie like that, her husband Josh Duhamel claims the album is coming soon.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Thought this was going to be about the former royal. so disappointed.