Finally a Superhero, Here Are All of Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Acrobatics

My timeline kept tweeting about P!nk as Lady Gaga commenced the airborne, acrobatic beginning of her Super Bowl Halftime performance, but I was imagining something else, perhaps a bit darker: the flight of Spider-Man on Broadway, notoriously ill-fated but uniquely imagined by director Julie Taymor.


Which is to say, Gaga’s antics were less about P!nk’s signature pilates-trapeze, and far more like a superhero leaping in a feline pounce, her body prone and limbs angulated, as though she were expecting to thwart a mugging in progress on the stage. Gaga’s dancing always takes quite a bit of effort, the choreography never coming as naturally to her her vocals. But her all-in bravery on the suspension lines was effortless and pointed, determined ten-story leaps and football spikes that really celebrated the magnitude of the occasion. Lit up by a proscenium of glam rock neon and sparkling sequined costumes, it was Gaga’s moment to finally transmogrify into an Avenger.

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chritter is a nocturnal feminist mancatfish

She sure as hell knows how to put on a show. I also liked the sly subversiveness of “This Land Is Your Land.” Woody Guthrie was rather famously no fan of the Trumps.

I suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate
He stirred up in that bloodpot of human hearts
When he drawed that color line
Here at his Beach Haven family project