Finally: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gives You a Celebratory Song for Your Sex-Related UTI

For its entire first season, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been tackling the topics near and dear to a woman’s heart (sometimes literally) through song and Monday night’s episode—with its ode to UTIs as a result of sex—was no different.


First of all, big congrats to Greg and Rebecca for finally getting it in. Now if only Becks had remembered to pee regularly throughout their marathon sex, she might have avoided the horrible, burns-when-you-pee sensation of a urinary tract infection. But hey, it happens to the best of us!

More concerning perhaps is Greg’s weird pride in ruining Rebecca’s undercarriage with his “capacious” dick size. Would a humane man—like, say, Josh—be so smug? Who’s to say. All we know is that Rebecca, along with her burning pee hole, is feeling a burning love.

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Don’t forget Josh’s Karate Kid/Flashdance mashup!

Also, the UTI song has been stuck in my head all day since I heard it. How can the songs on this show be so consistently good?