Find Your Chill with Låpsley's 'Burn'

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For the last year and a half, Lapsley, a UK teenage singer-songwriter signed to XL, has quietly been putting out tracks that hit somewhere between the XX’s Romy and a demo version of Adele. Her latest one, “Burn,” starts out in a sort of Tori Amos palette and builds, sure and clear, to an incredibly satisfying drop just around 2:25.


She leans harder on that pitch shift in “Station,” a duet with herself that’s never gotten old to me—it’s her composed and stunning debut from 2014:

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Falcon Depth Brunch

I’ve been on this EP all summer. That voice. That production. Yes. All yes. Reminds me of my teen years holed up in my room running portishead, Fiona, tori, and Esthero on loop.

I did not know she was a teenager. Suddenly, I’m unaccomplished as hell.